Science behind ReQiu

ReQiu® Personality is an original personality model, which we have created on the basis of well-established psychological knowledge in the field of personality psychology and the latest discoveries and meta-analyzes. Based on a detailed analysis of the literature on the subject, we selected the best predictors of and included them in our model.

ReQiu® Personality consists of 6 personality traits: self-efficacy, locus of control, information seeking, problem anticipation, creativity and analyticality.


ReQiu® Personality was subject to detailed psychometric validation at every stage of the project. Through a series of laboratory and internet studies with over 2,000 participants, we obtained high levels of measurement reliability and correlations. The prediction of the intensity of psychological variables in the final version of the system results from the classification based on machine learning.

What will you learn about the person who completed the game?


Case study

Thanks to the use of ReQiu® Personality, it was possible to significantly improve 3 key aspects of the recruitment process. Feedback and anonymous questionnaires filled in by ReQiu users undergoing recruitment showed a high level of involvement in the game. The evaluation process was perceived as satisfactory and not stressful.

Candidate profile

The profile is presented in the form of reports, available in several versions, tailored to the different needs of users. The description and presentation of the results have been designed so that drawing conclusions is simple and does not require specialist knowledge.