Research and development is one of the main drivers of the still accelerating technological progress. Experiments and scientific research allow us to find answers to the most important and difficult questions, leading to a better understanding of the world and constantly improving the quality of our lives. Based on these beliefs, we created ReQiu® Personality.

Our primary goal is to transform current scientific knowledge into innovative business solutions. Our team consists of experts in psychology, data analysis, statistics, HR and IT. Thanks to such a wide range of specialists, we have the possibility of a multi-faceted analysis of the problems of the dynamically evolving business environment and, consequently, offering solutions that fully meet the market needs.

More than a game

ReQiu is the result of 2 years of intensive work of our team. ReQiu consists of a computer game serving as a measurement tool and a platform for managing the evaluation process.

ReQiu is not limited to one personality model. Our team has carried out a detailed analysis of the scientific literature in the field of personality psychology and work psychology. On this basis, we selected the features that allow the candidate or employee to best match the requirements of the work environment. In this way, we created our own measurement methodology and an original personality model: ReQiu® Personality.


Thanks to a series of scientific studies, advanced analytical methods and the use of machine learning, ReQiu precisely determines a wide range of candidate’s predispositions, being at the same time one of the most innovative tools available on the market in the game-based assessment segment.

Why ReQiu

Reliable personality assessment

Knowledge about personality will allow you for accurate selection and building effective cooperation.

Attractive and engaging

The form of a computer game allows you to minimize the stress in the evaluation process and increase satisfaction and commitment.

Flexible and effective

You can use ReQiu as an element of onboarding, training process, employee development or recruitment.

Employee management

Use practical tips on how to work with someone and build their motivation.

Potential development

Personality is the basis for developing and building new competences and identifying training needs.


The game and platform are fully online.

A new tool for assessing candidates and employees

In line with the latest trends in the use of psychometric tools, questionnaires can be successfully replaced or supplemented with tools in the form of computer games. The use of highly immersive and engaging tasks allows you to observe the strategies, behavior patterns or decision-making processes of people taking the game. Moreover, psychometric tools in the form of computer games allow to minimize the pressure on the participant, leading to a much better reception of recruitment or assessment.

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What is ReQiu?

ReQiu analyzes all the player’s behavior: – Based on the gameplay style, the game verifies the key personality traits in the context of work efficiency, such as motivation, coping with difficult and stressful situations, the level of aspiration or creativity.

Piotr Zjawiony

Co-Founder of Game Time Project
Ceo Piotr Zjawiony

Benefits and scope

The use of ReQiu® Personality will significantly increase the probability of finding an employee with predispositions suitable for a given position. Information about the personality of employees in the company will allow for the appropriate design of the working environment so as to increase the effectiveness of teams’ work and build employee engagement.

In a business reality where companies face the constant challenge of improving recruitment and employee evaluation processes, ReQiu® Personality is the best solution.

Our Specjalists

Aleksandra Penza

HR Specialist

dr inż. Martin Tabakow

Head of the analytical team

Filip Chrześcijanek

Assistant for data analysis

Paweł Tomczak

Vice President

Piotr Kruk

R&D assistant

Piotr Zjawiony

Chairman of the Board

Tobiasz Kulesza

Vice President

Tomasz Mularczyk