Advance tool in the form of online computer game for personality assessment.

Deep personality profile

Find out about the predispositions and needs of your employees and job candidates.

Effective management

Use practical tips on how to work with someone and build their motivation.

Potential development

Personality is the basis for developing and building new competences and identifying training needs.

Positive experience

The form of a computer game means less stress in the evaluation process and an increase in satisfaction and commitment.

Flexible and effective

You can use ReQiu as an element of onboarding, training process, employee development or recruitment.

Trusted us:

0 %

of respondents believe that their experiences during recruitment process directly reflect company approach towards employees.

0 %

of recruiters admit they have made a mistake when selecting an employee.

0 %

of traditional job interviews are biased by preconceptions made by the recruiters.

0 %

of candidates will readily recommend their employer, provided that they had positive experiences during their recruitment process.


Game-based assessment

ReQiu is an online tool in the form of a computer game, developed for assessing the personality profile, predispositions and soft skills. ReQiu can be used in various processes: onboarding, employee evaluation or recruitment. Moreover, it provides information that can be successfully used in the context of internal assessment and talent management.

Attractive and engaging

The tool in the form of a computer game ensures low stress and satisfaction with the evaluation process. Thanks to this approach, ReQiu guarantees reliable results and greater involvement in the evaluation process – especially among people from the Y and Z generations.

Advanced Prediction Mechanisms

Identification and measurement of the personality traits is based on the measurement of several thousand measurement points, which provide data for statistical algorithms and machine learning.

Scientific validation of the ReQiu® Personality model

Model ReQiu® Personality is based on over 30 years of experience in psychological research. At various stages of the tool development process, we conducted over 14 tests on 2,000 people, both in our laboratory and online.

Behavior based data

Candidate profiles are based on their direct behavior, not just declarations, which allows to obtain the most reliable results.

What we Offer

Conduct your own evaluation

Assessment process with the support of the ReQiu team

Reqiu’s Vast Possibilities


Compare, evaluate and filter the candidates to select the ones most suited to the job.

internal assessment

Assess your employees’ potential for development and plan their work environment accordingly.

Comparative profile

Find an employee who fully meets your expectations.


Match the game elements to the image of your company.

Wide choice of final assessment reports to choose from

Wide choice of final assessment reports to choose from ReQiu allows you to create three types of reports:

Individual Report HR

Every personality trait is given a detailed description and contains useful feedback about candidate’s strong traits and predispositions.

Individual Report Bussiness

Provides a general description of the results and focuses on practical tips on how to work with the person.

Comparative Report

Provides a detailed comparison of personality trait intensity between nine candidates or coworkers.

Reports are generated automatically. You can choose the type of report you are interested in.

reqiu raport preview - personal profile