Research and development works are one of the key reasons for accelerating technological progress that makes our everyday lives easier. Scientific experiments allow us to find answers to the most crucial and difficult questions, ultimately leading to a better understanding of the world. Based on these principles, we have created Game Time Project.

Our core goal is to forge scientific knowledge into innovative business solutions. Our team consists of experts from areas of psychology, data analysis, statistics, HR and IT. Thanks to such a wide selection of specialists, we have the capacity to conduct multi-layered problem analysis of a volatile business environment and prepare solutions that are fully adapted to current market trends.


Number of publications - 10 articles
Research experience - 8 years
Number of conducted studies - 23 studies
HR experience - 12 years


ReQiu is a heart of our product, a result of 2 years of intense work of a few teams of experts. It is a platform that facilitates our business partners a full integration with our recruitment tool. Created as a part of our project “Advanced recruitment system based on the “GameRec” computer game”, is in its essence a tool for constructing a candidate psychological profile. ReQiu is a game placed in the environment of a company office that consists of a series of tasks which, in turn, allow to identify predispositions and tendencies of a potential employee. With the use of a series of scientific studies, advanced analytical mechanisms, and machine learning methods, ReQiu precisely pinpoints candidate predispositions – this renders it one of the most innovative tools available on the market in the sector of game-based assessment.


According to current trends in the area of psychometric tool design, questionnaires may be effectively replaced by tools in the form of computer games. Applying a highly immersive and engaging tasks allows to test strategies, behavioral patterns and decision-making processes of people who take part in the game. What’s more, psychometric tools in the form of computer games minimize the pressure exerted on the candidate, which leads to an overall positive experience drawn from the recruitment process.


The direct use of ReQiu allows the recruiting company to exponentially increase the likelihood of finding an employee with suitable predispositions for a given company position. 

The system delivers unique functionalities of game environment personalization. This provides an opportunity to put emphasis on the recruiting company’s values, adapted virtual office’s interior to company’s overall image and opens up new channels of marketing possibilities. 

In the current business reality of constant need to optimize the recruitment process, ReQiu is the best solution.


ReQiu analyzes all the candidate’s behaviors: – On the basis of candidate’s playstyle, the system measures key personality traits in the context of effectiveness at work, such as motivation, managing stressful situations, aspirations level and creativity.

Piotr Zjawiony

Co-Founder of Game Time Project


Efficient and flexible

ReQiu can be used on every step of the recruitment process to ensure the best fit for the organization or to verify soft skills when knowledge about competencies is not enough to make a decision.

Suitable employee

In the course of candidate searching, you can use the results obtained from your best employees in order to use it as a point of reference and a filter for future recruitments.

User-friendly Interface

Cogent and modern interface allows for comparisons of potential employees, which helps select the right candidates.


Using ReQiu in your recruitment process is independent of place and time. All that is required is that candidates play the game.