Efficient and flexible

ReQiu can be used as a selection method when you have too many candidates to choose from, verify soft skills when knowledge about competencies is not enough to make a decision or simply use the results to ensure the best fit for the organization.

Suitable employee

In the course of candidate searching, you can use the results obtained from your best employees in order to use it as a point of reference and a filter for future recruitments.

User-friendly Interface

Cogent and modern interface allows for comparisons of potential employees, which helps select the right candidates.


Using ReQiu in your recruitment process is independent of place and time. All that is required is that candidates play the game.
of respondents believe that their experiences during recruitment process directly reflect company approach towards employees.
of traditional job interviews are biased by preconceptions made by the recruiters.
of recruiters admit they have made a mistake when selecting an employee.
of candidates will readily recommend their employer, provided that they had positive experiences during their recruitment process.

ReQiu - so much more than just recruitment

Interactive Recruitment Game

ReQiu is the biggest innovation on the market that provides comprehensive and original solutions in the area of candidate assessment.

With the use of a carefully designed computer game, the recruitment process instigates positive experience and high candidate engagement.

Advanced Prediction Mechanisms

Personality trait identification takes place on the basis of more than 13 000 data points and Machine Learning algorithms.

Behavior based data

Candidate profiles are based on their direct behavior, not just declarations.

Scientific Tool Validation

In the course of tool’s creation process, we have conducted over 14 studies with more than 2000 participants.

The most compelling work’s effectiveness predictors

We have selected scientifically credible psychological traits that directly determine one’s fit, effectiveness and productivity in work environment.

Reqiu’s Vast Possibilities


Individual Reports

Every personality trait is given a detailed description and contains useful feedback about candidate’s strong traits and predispositions.

Comparison Reports

They allow a detailed comparison of personality trait intensity for three candidates.

Group Reports

They give an overall candidate result overview of any number of candidates.


Automatically generated reports that sum up personality profile.
A degree of complexity that is perfectly adapted to user requirements.
Easy and simple candidate and employee comparisons.
Comprehensible form of result presentation.